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By Liu Purnomo
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Exploring Map Technology with Next.js: Building a Google Maps Clone

In an increasingly connected world, the demand for efficient and precise mapping applications is paramount. As a passionate web developer, I am proud to showcase my latest project: a Google Maps clone built using Next.js and the Google Maps API.

Project Overview

  • Technology Used: Next.js, Google Maps API
  • Key Features: Coordinate-based search, drag-and-drop location adjustment

Features and Functionalities

  • Description: Users can jump directly to specific locations by entering latitude and longitude coordinates.
  • Utility: Provides a precise and quick way to navigate to points of interest, ideal for both casual use and professional applications requiring exact location plotting.

Drag-and-Drop Location

  • Description: This feature allows users to easily adjust their location on the map with simple drag-and-drop actions.
  • Utility: Enhances user interaction, perfect for route planning and on-the-fly adjustments to destinations.

Technical Highlights

Server-Side Rendering with Next.js

  • Performance Benefits: Utilizes server-side rendering for faster load times and an enhanced user experience, especially critical for handling large maps and complex location data.
  • User Experience: Ensures a smooth, seamless interaction with the map, reducing load times and improving responsiveness.


This project not only replicates the look and feel of Google Maps but also adds innovative features that showcase technical capabilities and creativity in web development. I invite you to explore this project further to see how this innovative mapping solution can assist in your daily navigation and planning tasks. This portfolio reflects my technical prowess in leveraging the Google Maps API and my dedication to creating intuitive and responsive user experiences.

Any Question?

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